Step into the heartwarming world of furniture restoration with Paul, the gifted artisan behind Granny's House. For over four decades, Paul has lovingly breathed new life into cherished family heirlooms and treasured pieces of furniture, returning them to their rightful place in the homes and hearts of their owners.

At Granny's House, it's not about buying new; it's about restoring the old and preserving the memories that come with each piece. Paul has meticulously worked on a diverse array of furniture, including tables where family dinners were shared, chairs that cradled generations of laughter, desks that witnessed dreams taking shape, bookcases that held the knowledge of ages, and drawers that safeguarded precious mementos.

Beyond these common pieces, Paul's dedication to his craft extends to unique and sentimental items. From the nostalgia of antique telephones to the whimsy of rocking horses, even down to a meticulously restored miniature Cobb & Co Coach, each project carries a story waiting to be retold.

With Paul's skillful hands and an artist's eye, Granny's House has become more than just a restoration store; it has become a place of rediscovery and connection. Every restored piece becomes a bridge to the past, connecting families to their history and bringing back memories long forgotten.

If you have a beloved piece of furniture that has lost its luster or stumbled upon a hidden gem in the attic, bring it to Granny's House, where Paul will work his restoration magic and breathe new life into your treasured possessions. Rediscover the beauty, sentiment, and character of your furniture as Paul returns these cherished items to your family, creating a legacy that will endure for generations to come.